Do you have 3 Evenings and 90 minutes each evenings to spare? Whether you are club leaders, seasoned Rotarians or new members, join the FREE Zone Summit and take away a bundle of inspiration and knowledge.

The annual gathering – traditionally known as the Zone Institute -- now a series of online opportunities to interact with Rotary’s movers and shakers. Zones 28 & 32 includes Bermuda, Canada, France & USA.

Wed. 23 Sep 4pm - Leadership

  • D.F. Pace, an attorney and Police Inspector in US "What my Rotary Peace Fellowship has taught me about peace and policing.  
  • RI President-Elect Shekhar Mehta, from Calcutta has an impressive history in Rotary service.  "Where Eagles Dare"

Thu. 24 Sep 4pm - Foundation

  • Rotary Foundation Trustee and Rotary International President-Nominee Jennifer Jones, "When the world dtepped down, We stepped up!"  
  • PolioPlus Chair Mike McGovern, Polio Updates "The way forward to ending polio."
  • Rotary Foundation Trustee Brenda Cressey Don't panic - fundraising success in challenging times!"  

Fri. 25 Sep 4pm - Transformation

  • Director Valarie, who chairs RI's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, will lead a panel that will discuss what clubs and districts are doing right now to re-think, re-invigorate, and re-vision Rotary for a post-COVID world. 
  • Come away with a better sense of Rotary's future and how you can be instrumental in determining the trajectory of your club - and your community.