Posted on Aug 28, 2017
Members of the Rotary Club of Richmond volunteered their time and energies this past weekend and raised around $3,100.00 for BC Fires Appeal.  
Our donation will help provide immediate relief such as cots, blankets, family reunification and financial assistance for food, clothing and personal needs. Beyond meeting immediate needs, our donation may also help re-entry and go towards more long-term recovery, resiliency and preparedness.  Statistically, our province has tackled 1121 fires this year, covering 1,020,909 hectares of forests, which is over 2.5 million acres.
When one gets all dusty and dirty, hauling furniture and miscellaneous sales items, working alongside with other Rotarians and their spouses, there is a stronger bond of fellowship and connection to the club.  Therein lay the true spirit of "Community and Service". There is much more to Rotary than writing cheques and selling tickets.
Many thanks to our benefactor Paul Hui, his daughter Marie, son-in-law Christopher for providing their inventory and personal time, and our Rotarian Dean Hsieh for coordinating the event.  Special recognition to President James, Dean Hsieh, Philip Li, Cecilia Li, Becky Tsukishima, Henry Lee and Bill Bai who helped us on both days.  Many thanks to our other volunteers, Daphne Wu, Dixie Tang, Jacqueline Ho, Chris Browne, Liane Browne, David Takahashi, Kei Takahashi, Agnes Hsieh and James Kao for his retail experience.
The appeal is not quite over, there are a few items left in the warehouse, which will be advertised via Craigslist over the next few days and weeks.  Hopefully, we can increase the funds raised and contribute more to assisting British Columbians affected by so many wildfires this season.