Posted on Nov 29, 2018
Toastmasters had humble beginnings, their founder Ralph Smedley, started and restarted several times before finding the right formula that would bring public speaking skills to the business community.  Since then, Toastmasters have grown and have expanded around the world.  Like Rotary, they have Clubs and Districts, conferences and conventions.  Where Rotary's focus is on providing Community Service, Toastmasters provides excellence in public speaking, thus providing members ability to provide leadership in their communities.
A Toastmaster since 2003, Margaret Page is currently board of director in Toastmaster International and has attained the Distinguished Toastmaster designation—the highest level of achievement in the organization.   In a captivating presentation today we learned of  Toastmasters history, core values and the valuable skills they provide.  Thanks to Margaret for bringing Toastmasters story to our club.
Great to see Bill Bai today, he has returned to Richmond after a year covering another branch in Vancouver.  Always nice to see Tom Smith, Chair of the 2020 District Conference.  We met today, Daphne's son Benny Chen who we might see visit us more often in future.  We can't forget our ever present Sgt. at Arms who collected many happy and sad dollars, from everyone.