On Wednesday October 18,  Wendy Lim, Assistant Superintendent of the Richmond School district 38 and Marie Ratcliffe, District Administrator of District 38, joined our members for lunch and provided an update of the Feed-U-Cate 38  program. The Rotary Club of Richmond awarded them with a cheque  in the amount of $1,250.00 in support of this meal program for children who may otherwise come to school hungry.  Wendy and Marie mentioned that they would often hear from students indicating their appreciation of the program and how it helped them focus on their studies and ’got them through the day. 
Over 20 of the 40 plus schools in Richmond participate in this program, with an estimate of over 1000 students in need, being helped. A school might request one or more meals over the week and/or keep a ‘snack cupboard’ stocked for students. A Fall 2012 survey to schools discovered that Richmond Schools spend over $15,000 per year on breakfast programs for students in need.  FEED-U-CATE 38 funds are available to all schools through an application process to help purchase food for meal programs.  Other local organizations and community members have also generously donated to this fund.