Posted on Jun 24, 2018
I am often asked, “Why Rotary?” The short answer is: Rotary allows me the opportunity to do things I never dreamed I could do. - Ralph Zuke, president of the Rotary Club of Fairview Heights, Illinois, USA
The Rotary symbol is a cogged wheel. I view every member in Rotary as a cog in that wheel (about 1.2 million). When I first joined Rotary I learned that I, as one person, could move that wheel forward. 
In my first year as a Rotarian, I wrote, raised money, and completed our club’s first grant and about 800 people from the highlands of Guatemala had clean, safe drinking water....It’s an amazing feeling to know that as one person in the American Midwest, I could positively affect so many people I most likely will never meet half a world away.... full article from Rotary Voices 
Ralph rode his rickshaw from St. Louis, Missouri to the RI Convention in Toronto. The ride lasted 22 days and raised $22,000 to end polio. Rotary President Ian H.S. Riseley personally welcomed Ralph to the convention.