Wed March 10 - Zoom at 12 noon - Digital Marketing by Ray Wang

Ray Wang - Small Business BC

Ray is the Principal at RW Digital, a Richmond-based digital consulting agency. In a world with an abundance of information, RW Digital helps make sense of companies’ marketing data by joining the seemingly distant dots. RW Digital was a Finalist for Richmond Chamber of Commerce’s New Business of the Year Award 2020.

Ray graduated from SFU Beedie School of Business (2011), majoring in Marketing and Finance. During his study, Ray worked at a Research Assistant for a SFU marketing professor. After graduation, Ray worked at two digital marketing agencies in Greater Vancouver and at a local automotive group as a Digital Marketing Manager.

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Shred Day!
On Sunday, March 6th, the Richmond Rotary Club held it's Shred Day! We are excited to announce it was a resounding success. 
Shred Day is a fundraiser organized by Richmond Rotary in which Richmond residents were invited to drop off files, documents and paper waste that would then be shredded, for a small donation. The event raised approximately $3000. 
All proceeds will be going to the Gateway Theatre Summer Camp for kids and Chimo Community Services. 
The Richmond Rotary Club rented a ShredWise commercial-sized shredder that came and parked at the Richmond Community Church.
The line up to Shred documents was packed all afternoon, with Richmond residents steadily flowing in to get rid of waste, paper and confidential documents. 
The event's success couldn't have happened without the large group of dedicated volunteers that made it happen! And most importantly, it could not have happened without the hard work of promoting the event amongst, friends, family and even pushing in the media. 
Angie Receives Paul Harris Fellow
On Saturday, March 6th, Angie Vanderkooi received a Paul Haris Fellow presented by Dean Hsieh! 
Rotarians celebrated afterwards at Continental Seafood restaurant with champagne. 
A Paul Harris Fellow is the highest achievement a Rotarian can receive - it acknowledges those who contribute $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation, or contribute in someone's name. 
Rotary Peace and Conflict Resolution
"Peace", is many things.  It could be a lawful state of order, or harmony between people, concord between governments or expressed in a different way, "can we all just get along with each other".  Rotary, comprised of people like you, share "Peace and Conflict Resolution" as an area of focus.  While strife and conflict surrounds us everyday, we yearn to resolve our differences and find ways to "get along" and co-exist in mutually beneficial environments.
Rotary supports up to 130 young people per year, and funds their studies for Masters Degrees or Certificate Fellowships at 8 Peace Centres around the world.  Since the inception of Peace Scholarships in 2007, 1400 alumni are furthering peace efforts in 115 countries around the world.  These programmes are a large investment for Rotary, as Masters Degrees may average $75,000 USD per year, and Certificate Fellowships average $11,000 USD per session.
You as a Rotarian have been part of that process, and you can be even more closely involved by helping selecting and endorsing local people to apply for this prestigious and noble programme.  How, you may ask?  Sit on our Peace Committee with Chak Au, and make Peace happen through a selection process that culminates in a Peace Scholar.  Thus far, our District has endorsed 10 candidates as Peace Scholars, with 7 graduates to this point.  Somewhere in your network, there may be a Peace Scholar candidate and somebody who can effect huge change for our world.
Our guest speaker today is Gloria Staudt, District Chair, Peace Scholarships.  It's always great to see our friend Gloria and hear her presentation about Peace Scholars.  Just listening to her makes one want to grab the "Peace" flag and work along with her.  Her message, be part of the Peace process by being on the Club Peace Team, or use your network to spread the Peace Scholarship programme.  Don't you agree we need more Peace in the world?
Great to see Chris Browne today and Cindy Lau, we don't happen to see them very often, so it's great to know they are well.  Cindy and Bill had a little car accident, nobody hurt, so that is good to know.  Sgt. at Arms Dave did his usual thing, extracting some very happy dollars today.  
It looks like we will have a bit of action on our Shred Day Mar 6th.  Poor President James, still stuck in Taiwan, nonetheless, paid for an ad in the newspaper and found a significant contributor.  Dean used his network and our friend Spencer has scoured his premises for lots of paperwork too.  P.E. Suna still needs more volunteers.  Rotarians, if you can't give money....give us some of your time, and let's help raise some funds for Chimo and Gateway.  Remember, Shred Day is Mar 6th.  Check our website for details.
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