Contact: Yuhan Chen
Rotary Club of Richmond
Continental Seafood Restaurant
11700 Cambie Road
Richmond, BC V6X 1L5

Hybrid Meeting 

12 noon - social, 12:15pm - meeting starts, 12:20pm program, 12:30pm lunch being served

Look forward to meet everyone in person, dim sum and noodle lunch $30/person. 

‚ÄčZOOM ID - 604 778 0162 | Password - 202020

How exercises help improve the health of our brain and prevent dementia

Dr. Romi Fung completed his undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from Simon Fraser University followed by graduating from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine as a Doctor in Naturopathic Medicine. 

While building his practice, Dr. Fung went on to complete a Master of Science in Aging and Health from Queen’s University and was subsequently offered acceptance to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy in Aging and Health also from Queen’s University. At this time, he is completing his comprehensive exams to obtain candidacy status.

Dr. Fung’s passion lies in cognitive health and dementia. Dr. Fung believes that there is more to dementia than just working with the brain; there are many metabolic and biochemical factors that affect our brain stemming from the body. It is not as if our brains (and heads!) are detached from the body. But rather, what happens in the body also happens in the head. 

Join us and find out more.