Posted on Dec 17, 2017
Whenever Past District Governors Chris and Penny Offer visit our club, we are so impressed with their personal commitments to Service to Humanity.  Today they spoke of their trip to India, two years ago, where they took part in a National Immunization Day.  They related such large figures that it almost incomprehensible to absorb the enormity of such undertakings.  They spoke of 2.3 million people who were vaccinators, 110,000 vaccination teams, 170 million children receiving vaccinations, plus the legions of drivers, volunteers and the logistics to bring it all together.  The good news, worldwide Polio cases have seen significant and measurable reductions, with only 17 cases this year, versus 35 last year.  Only Pakistan and Afghanistan have reported new cases this year.  Nigeria's last reported case was 18 months.
Our visitors today were, Linda Wong, who introduced Chris and Penny, and another member of the Rotary Club of Chinatown, Lincoln Yeung, who thanked our speakers.  Other visitors, Michael Chiu from RC Richmond Sunset, Suna Yee, a friend of Eva Sun, and Cady, a guest of Daphne's.  Kenny Chiu did an admirable job as substitute Sgt. at Arms collecting happy and sad dollars.