Posted on Jul 05, 2017
Gloria Staudt is our District Chair for Peace Scholar.  She outlined for us, how the programme works and the immense benefit for those fortunate enough to receive the graduates into their part of the world.  Our District has already sponsored six such Peace Scholars, out of the 100 that have graduated since the inception of the Scholarships.  Candidates are screened based on work experience and their ambitions to promote peace through their diverse career backgrounds and personal strengths.  She encouraged all of us to consider potential candidates and to champion Peace Scholars as one of our club goals.  Thank You Gloria for bringing us this message of Peace and the opportunity to serve the world by sponsoring a Peace Scholar. Find out more about Rotary Peace Fellowship
Our visitor today was Johnathon Flieder from Rotary Club of Southpoint, Jacksonville, Florida, It is nice to see Johnathon again since his last visit in June 2016. Another repeat visitor was Alvin Leung, Associate Vice-President of CIBC.