Posted on Sep 30, 2018
The topic last Wednesday was "How we can ensure equal access to justice for all, or, Amici Curiae."  Sounds rather fundamental, doesn't it? Does that mean there is some shortcomings in the system, where some citizens who need it, are not receiving assistance?  Fortunately, through the work of some industrious individuals and through the cooperation and support of lawyers, law firm accountants and law librarians, help to complete legal forms is becoming more available.  Dom Bautista, Executive Director at Amici Curiae Friendship Society, introduced us to their service and of the paralegals and lawyers who volunteer their time for the benefit of British Columbians.
Sgt. at Arms, Kenny swept through the room relieving us of those pesky coins and small bills that clutter our pockets.  Those without name badges and Rotary pins, sadly, had to put in a little extra.  Lincoln and Sheila great to see you today.  Sorry to hear about your brother Jacqueline.  Jimmy announced some interesting future speakers, so please check the Club website and our calendar for updates.  Don't forget to register for lunch.  The hotel can serve us better if they know our attendance in advance.  Rotary Leadership Level 2 and Level 3 are at the Accent Inn Burnaby on October 13th, the club is paying, so please register.