One never knows what happens at a classification talk.  Angie surprised us today as she reached back to roots in Ireland and South Africa before nursing school in England.  Then her story comes to Prince George, off to Newfoundland before recently returning back to Vancouver. 
Her Rotary story is equally colourful with her start as a "Rotary Ann", then joining as a Rotarian in Vancouver before joining this club.  She then moved to Newfoundland to join Rotary on the rock.  While here, she was one of the early members of the Rotary Fellowship of Gourmets.  For those of you unfamiliar with Rotary Fellowships, there are many from which to choose.  More information is available on  Angie has many fond memories of our Club as it "used to be" when she was a former member.   We can all learn a lot about Rotary Club of Richmond by having a coffee with Angie.

Angie then provided a dissertation on hip replacement.  Her career started as do all nurses, on regular and routine ward work.  Over time and due to circumstance and opportunities provided, she became more involved with hip replacement and worked closely with a specialist.  Her role was to screen and schedule hip replacement candidates and work with the patients on preparation and recovery.  Of course Angie dazzled us with a plethora of technical terms.   If you want to know anything about hip replacement, then Angie is the one you want to meet.
Our Zoom call today was graced with 20 attendees in total, featuring our 3 newest members Gary, Joseph and aforementioned Angie.  Also joining in today, 3 guests, Albert Tseng, Madeline Hermary and Patty Chen. 2 visiting Rotarians Grant Yao and Bill Bourlet from Vancouver Arbutus.  Our Sgt. At Arms Dave gave no relief today as he raided all our pockets for our happy and sad dollars.  Fear not, those happy and sad dollars will be going towards our Christmas Fund later this year.
Next week, up next, Gary and his classification talk.  Learn a bit about his early years, career path, family life, rotary ambitions and what he is doing in his field of immigration.