Posted on Jun 07, 2019
Automated External Defibrillators (AED) was our topic on Wednesday, presented by Drew Binette and Michelle Sweeney from St. John Ambulance.  St. John has a 950 year history dating back to the first Knights and St. John who set up a hospital.  Fast forward to present day, they are known for volunteer service at public events and first aid training among other things. 
Our presenters spoke about AED, the simplicity of use and how these devices can save lives.  Most heart attacks occur in public and in most cases the outcome is tragically fatal.  Had there been access to a defibrillator and intervention, the outcomes of these events would be so much better.  They encouraged everyone to add pressure on public and private agencies and organizations to extend the distribution and accessibility of AED devices, around their facilities as well as exterior public locations.
It was great to see Chak Au and David Takahashi today.  Sgt-at-Arms James Kao made his customary rounds to reach into our hearts for happy and sad dollars.