Posted on Nov 03, 2018
"The mysterious case of the "Brexit gambit" was explained through the eyes of our Guest Speaker Shawn Wade in the guise of Sherlock Holmes.  Sherlock explained how in his opinion, Britain had no choice but to exit the European Union.  There was a real threat of losing her sovereignty, as well as other contentious issues such as immigration and trade which were deemed harmful.  Whilst there are forces at play attempting to persuade the government to remain in the Euro Zone, Sherlock suggests that it is over, and Britain and the citizens must move on. 
As it was Halloween Day, Jimmy Yan dressed as a Count Dracula represented the European Union and of course, Shawn Wade of the Commonwealth Society, dressed as Sherlock.
Sgt. at Arms James Kao, bit into everyone, drawing blood for happy and sad tales.  President Dean announced that the "Rotary Pops" event scheduled for January has been postponed as there wasn't adequate time for planning and execution.  This gives us full attention to our Chinese New Year event Feb 2nd.  Each club member is their table captain and are to coordinate their tables with Jacqueline who has graciously agreed to be our ticket overseer.