Stuff we did not know.  That could have been the title of our July 22 Zoom meeting.  New member Gary Yang presented his Classification Talk, but it turned out to be more about immigration facts and information.  He explained Canadian immigration rules.  Hopefully, Gary can spend more time with us later to share his earlier career, his family life, and his aspirations with Rotary.
Demographically, Canada needs immigration.  Canadians would not be a growing population without immigration.  The economy would stagnate and deteriorate without the influx of new citizens.  Canada would not be able to fill our areas of labour shortages.  Screening is very robust, as our country is very cautious about the quality and integrity of newcomers.  There are rules and guidelines, which Gary spent time to explain.
If you are reading this, that's good, thank you.  Rotary founder Paul Harris said "whenever people get together, you never know what's going to happen".  That was proven true today, for those who attended, we learned some things we did not know before.  Put Rotary Club Richmond on your weekly calendar and join in our get togethers every Wednesday, so you don't miss anything.
In the absence of Sgt. of Arms Dave, we felt the pinch of our Dave impersonator, Claudette.  She very robustly reached into our jeans for happy and sad dollars.  Tagged today, Keith and President James, both celebrating recent birthdays.
Visitors were David Chen, a Vancouver lawyer, his first time visit, our regular visitors Albert Tsang and Madeline Hermary.