Posted on Apr 15, 2018
The April 11 meeting day marked the eve of a special day - our club was chartered on April 12, 1962. 
Invocation was given by PDG Chris Offer. President James presented an overview of the numerous local and international projects out club has been involved with over the years.  An email was received from members, Philip, Keith and Henry, cruising on the Danube, sending their congratulations on our 56th anniversary.
A guest of Ibrahim was introduced: Brady Moore - a barber friend.  Ibrahim took a course at VCC on barbering.  This paid his way through university.  At one time he owned 6 shops. 
Dr Paul Chris Hatch (a chiropractor having a office in Vancouver, just across the Arthur Lang bridge) - he came as a guest a week ago and nice to see him return this week.
Our acting sergeant-at-arms had some sad dollars.  The factory manufacturing massage chairs had a fire and cannot deliver chairs before Mother's Day.
Our guest speaker PDG Chris Offer gave a talk on the history of the Rotarian magazine.  This is Rotary's magazine month.  The Rotarian started as a newsletter. Magazine has been around many years.  Copies of all issues are available on-line at Google books.  Cost of Canadian edition was prohibitive, compromise was Canada insert 4 times a year.  Magazine content is of interest to more than just Rotarians.  Contributions made by many world leaders like Winston Churchill and Jimmy Carter. David thanked our speaker.
Thank you to Jacqueline for responsible to bring in the Black Forest cake plus the birthday decorations.
Although small in numbers, only 13 in attendance, we had an exceptional meeting.