Posted on Mar 12, 2018
The newspaper world faces enormous challenges in the electronic world.  More and more content and communication is transmitted and received via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a host of other carriers.  Numerous newspapers are shutting down, recently Richmond Review and one of the Vancouver dailies.  Yet, in the face of these challenges there stands the Sentinel, struggling to be a vibrant and newsworthy addition to Richmond's newspaper choices.  Martin Van De Hemel, spoke to our club to introduce their medium and to promote their most competitive advertising rates.  They are reaching out to the community for support as they endeavour to make a go of their newspaper.
Joining us today, Grace Tsang, President of Rotary Club Richmond Sunset, bringing news of the rebuilding school project in Nepal.  Also a guest of Dean, Cissy Ji who is in the travel business.  We got off very lightly today as our Sargeant at Arms was not present to collect happy and sad dollars.