Fascinating topic and speaker, all about life of Hate and Violence by author of "Cure For Hate", Tony McAleer.  Tony was a white supremist.  Now, that is an attention grabber.  What makes a white supremist, a white supremist?  Face to face with someone with that much hate, makes one wonder doesn't it? 
Tony changed, lucky for him and lucky for society.  We heard a story, how he started with influencers in youth and early adulthood.  Then how that changes with influencers after fatherhood and how new circles of people helped forged a new outlook.  His presentation was certainly impactful and provided deeper understanding of people who join those kinds of organizations. 
We were honoured to have PDG Peter Neufeldt from District 5550 in Regina, PDG Ken Wilson, Rotarian Willian Osei from Nechako, Prince George. Jan Gisborne, District chair of Learning Committee and Rick Duff from Steveston.  Also visiting, Albert Tseng, Patty Chen and Madeline Hermary.
Sgt-at-Arms Dave then got busy collecting many happy and some sad dollars to wrap up todays meeting.  Bring a buddy to the next Zoom Aug 19th as we are having a fun quiz day.