David Takahashi

Classification: Real Estate Law, joined the Rotary Club of Richmond in March 1985,  Club Treasurer 2002-2005, Vice President 2007-2008 and Youth Service Chair 
Why we invite people to our club meeting? David joined our club after one of our members Bill Foster asked him to join a club meeting. David's most unforgettable event was raising $1,600 on Jun 7, 2001 to give up his long time beard. Picture above was Zorina, Mahase's wife doing the shaving. Our club used to have some very creative fundraising ideas, at the time member Ken Whitney also had his head shaved by Peter Raju for fundraising.
Professionally David has his own law firm in Richmond, he graduated from University of British Columbia Law School, LL.B. David likes to travel and visit museums.
Rotary builds lifelong friendships....For over 20 years, David and his wife Kei, fellow Rotarian Philip and his wife Cecilia have been meeting up every Saturday morning for a weekly walk and brunch, occasionally they are joined by Mahase and his wife Zorina
David, Keith and Philip visiting Kushiro, Japan in 2017