Posted by Becky Tsukishima on Feb 13, 2021
Zach is one of our newest members.

Zach Segal


Housing Advisory (Canadian Housing & Mortgage Corp), joined the Rotary Club of Richmond Nov 18, 2020.
We are very happy that Zach is taking on the role as co-editor of Club newsletter and website.  
Zach was born and raised in Richmond, BC. He attended UBC and obtained B.A in Political Science and Government and M.A. in Diplomacy in U of London.
Since March 2017 Zach has been working for Canada's Housing Agency, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, he is responsible on the assisted housing file supporting housing for seniors; Women and children in need; low income Canadians and increasing the rental supply for middle income Canadians.
From 2011 - 2015 he worked in Ottawa as Advisor for the Federal Government - Minister of National Defense; Transportation; and Members of Parliament.
Zach is a community volunteer and advocate. Most recently wrote comforting letters to isolated seniors who were unable to receive visitors during covid; and delivered hot meals to seniors living at home unable to go to grocery stores due to COVID-19 concerns.
As shown by a career of public service, Zach believes fully in the guiding principles of the Rotary club, and supports the mission of serving those in need at home, and abroad.