Posted on May 11, 2019
Have you heard of Growth Hacking?   A new marketing strategy.
Our newest member Letian (Hugo) Li gave us an introduction of this new strategy of marketing at the last Wednesday lunch meeting.
We are in an new era where some large marketing campaigns are replaced by a process of rapid experiments across marketing funnel, product development, and sales segments, etc.  These are identified as the most efficient ways to grow a business. 
A growth hacking team includes marketers, developers, engineers and product managers focusing on building and engaging the user base of a business.
The term "Growth Hacking" was created by Sean Ellis in 2010.  Sean Ellis was then the Head of Growth at Dropbox, and was looking for his replacement.  He decided that a "Growth Hacker" was what he wanted.
Growth Hacking is a mindset, a skillset, and a strategy with vision.  Growth Hacker is a hybrid of marketer and coder, a highly resourceful and creative talent focused on high leverage growth.
If you missed Hugo's presentation, please chat with him for the super successful stories of Growth Hacking.  And be amazed!  You can also check out his detailed information.
We were glad to meet Claire Wei, CPA, a first-time visitor of the Club.  Claire is the founder and managing director of inFever Media, a global influencer marketing and talent management agency.  Other visitor was Scott Campbell from RC Steveston.
It was also wonderful to see Past President James Hsieh healthy and happy after his recovery from shingles.  We loved to catch up with Philip Lee, Chris Browne, Jimmy Yan, and Antonio Lee at the meeting too.
President Dean showed us the Rotarian of the Year Banner presented to him at the Conference last week.