To all our potential attendees on Nov 4th, we apologize for technical problems which delayed our meeting for 45 minutes.
Our topic today was Interact Clubs which started in 1962 in Melbourne Florida.  Since then, Interact has grown to 14,911 clubs worldwide, and 342,953 members, as reported today by our speaker Dave Rogers, Youth Service Chair.  Interact Clubs are Rotary sponsored service clubs with members aged 12-18. 
Dave spoke about our own two Interact Clubs at Cambie High and McRoberts and how they undertake service projects with guidance and mentorship of their sponsoring Rotary Club. Due to recent Covid restrictions, Interact Clubs are not meeting in traditional ways and they too are adjusting to new strategies for maintaining their service activities.  We are very fortunate that Dave has agreed to be Youth Service Chair, as he had great success nurturing Interact in his previous Rotary Club. He has some great service project ideas to involve our Interact Clubs. 

Sgt at Arms Dave tapped into our jeans for a little more for our Happy and Sad dollar pot.   We welcomed visitor Elizabeth Roach, Executive Director of Rotary Hospice. 
2019 Interact McRoberts Secondary meeting