You have recently been inducted to the Club and received your Membership Kit, Classification and Name Badge.  Now it's time to introduce yourself and become better acquainted with club members.  It's also your opportunity to expand your contact base and network.  Club members will get to know more about your background, education, family, career path, current vocation and perhaps most importantly, your aspirations with Rotary. 
The Classification Talk has proven over and over again, to be so illuminating, as we learn so much about our newer members.  Joseph Liang is in Real Estate, he joined our club in July.  His talk today captured our attention as he expanded on local real estate conditions and outlook.  We can certainly read his bio and outline summary on his Club Member profile, but when he speaks about it in person and we hear his voice, those concepts he speaks about have much more impact and meaning.  Thank You, Joseph for a compelling presentation.  Normally, these talks may last 20 minutes, but today, we were engrossed for a bit more because of the information Joseph had to share.
Wrapping up today, our Sgt At Arms, was again at his finest.  The Club collected a bit more for our Xmas Fund pot for the RCRG.  When we hear about our happy and not so happy stories, we are reminded how we are all basically the same.  We all have our warm moments and our sad moments. 
Join us on Zoom next week, as we induct 3 new members.  District Governor Dave Hamilton will be visiting us in an official capacity.  Learn something about our District and catch up on DG Dave's announcements.  Even more important, meet DG Dave and get better acquainted.  Through our Rotary acquaintances, we nuture ideas and friendships that develop into projects and initiatives that ultimately "Make Good Things Happen".