Posted on Nov 09, 2019
Fun.  We enjoyed a little magical interlude, as Michael Ross, Comedian, Speaker and Magician bedazzled us with some wonderful sleight of hand.  For those of you who missed today's folks missed something special.  At Rotary you may get informed, you may get inspired, or you may get entertained.  As we keep saying, when Rotarians get together, you never know what's going to happen.  Mark Rotary on your calendar and make a point of attending.  Be part of the discussions on the next project, the next wonderful thing we do for the community, and get more acquainted and network with your colleagues.
But more than just a magical demonstration, Michael had a story to tell.  We are losing touch with each other and we are not absorbing all that life provides.  If we keep our face buried in our ipads and cell phones, we just might walk into traffic and the possibility of getting hit by a vehicle.  Keeping our heads down will rob us a wider view of the world.  We've lost the personal touch of talking to each other if we are in our one dimensional space, gazing into our little screens.
And at Rotary, that's what we encourage.....for an hour, turn off your phone and spend your attention on your colleagues, the programme, updates from the President and Rotary news.  What's so urgent, that you can't be away from your phone for an hour?
Sgt. At Arms today was Cindy, and she was at her best.  One of the things we rather enjoy, is to hear what's happening with our friends.  Our happy dollars do that.  Whether it's great news or sad news, we get a bit closer to our Rotary family by listening and sharing our happy and sad dollars.
There is a point to Rotary.....we get together "To Make Good Things Happen".  We get together in real time, person to person.....and not on our little devices.  What we read and how we comprehend our texts is totally different that what the writer intended.  Only a person to person get together can light the way.
Our visitor today was CiCi Yim, President of Rotary Club of Vancouver Fraserview.