Posted on Feb 04, 2019
The Beast, isn't a title of a scary "B" movie.  Our guest speaker Charmaine Hammond, brought us a message of resilience and hope.  In the face of adversity, there is hope and optimism.  The Beast is a movie, an animated production based on the resiliency of the families of Fort MacMurray, Alberta.  Thousands and thousands of citizens were evacuated from Fort Mac as a huge forest fire encroached their homes and businesses.  The fire was given the description "The Beast", hence the title for the movie.  The movie was inspired by Rotarians in Fort Mac, and as one thing led to another, the movie came to life and will be available fall of 2019 in Film Festivals across North America.  The film is hoped to provide inspiration to others who face adversity and is intended for viewing to corporations, educational facilities, service clubs...and others.
Today we enjoyed a delicious spaghetti lunch at the Hilton.   We were also spared happy and sad dollars as our Sgt At Arms was in a very forgiving mood.  Other visitors today included Hugo Li,  David Rong and Tombert Chen.