Posted on Dec 09, 2020
"Treat the Cause not the Symptom: Underlying Neuroscience of Substance Use and the Key Elements of Psychosocial Recovery" by Dr. Conny Lin
Dr. Conny Lin is a neuroscientist specialized in substance use disorder. She worked on opioid policy at the Ministry of Health and pharmacies/pharmacists regulator and ran for public office at the 2017 provincial election. She is now a Medical Advisor of Neurology & Urology.
Substance Use Disorders is prevalence and on the rise in Canada, especially in BC.
Dr. Lin made her presentation simple and easy to understand. She divided the Drug Dependence into two side: Physical Dependence and Psychological Dependence.
On physical Dependence, she explained on how drug disrupts Homeostasis (normal state), she educated us on Drug Tolerance, Withdrawal, Cravings, Overdose etc.
On psychological Dependence, she explained behaviour conditioning using the example of Pavlov’s dog. Positive and Negative Reinforcements.
She also talked about treatment models, Medications and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Components of Drug Addiction Treatment includes, mental health services, educational services, family supports, vocational services, housing and shelter, food and nutrition, legal and medical services etc.
She also touched on the history of drug addiction including the opium addiction in Chinese community. She invites Rotary Club of Richmond to collaborate with her to fight the battle of drug addiction. 
- PP Henry Lee

PE Suna announcing the upcoming Dec 16th Christmas Fun Zoom at 7pm.  Everyone is invited. There will be games, carols, gift exchange and everyone is encouraged to wear their best Christmas outfit. 
AG Dean announcing that we have been awarded a District Grant for our Mask and Sanitizer project in November.  As soon as the funds arrive to the District from R.I., we will receive this grant. It's been several years since we received our last grant. He reminded us all that grants come from The Rotary Foundation via our Rotary District 5040.
These grants would not be possible without us Rotarians supporting The Rotary Foundation.
Sgt-at-Arms Dave was on his game again, collecting those valuable happy dollars which will go towards local causes.