Posted on Sep 23, 2018
John Yap, MLA Richmond Steveston was our speaker on Wednesday.  He spoke passionately about the upcoming referendum on Proportional Representation. His stance was staunchly a vote of "no change" to the current "first past the post" system.  There are those of course, who are in favour of change. Rotary takes no position on this matter, our role in society is to be of service and promote advances in Rotary's six areas of focus.  We are always happy to see MLA John Yap, as he is a Rotarian himself and he has always been friendly to our club and our activities.  All that we ask readers and our club members, is to study the viewpoints on the referendum and be fully aware of the complicated issues being debated.
Today was also President Dean's birthday, and our Club Service Chair James Kao arranged a  personal cake from the hotel.  James, then went on to collect happy and sad dollars from everyone, including our visitors, MLA John Yap, his Constituency Assistant Po-Wah Ng and Harmon's Dad Hardev Bal.