Posted on Jul 02, 2018
A great turnout last Wednesday to hear Ian Lai, Executive Director of the Richmond Food Security Society. They promote the community to understand food systems through education. Their programs include community garden, community seed library, Youth Get Rooted program and the Kids in the Garden events. The society also oversees 320 community garden plots at nine locations around Richmond, they are planning to build 240 new garden plots in next two to three years.
Ian emigrated from South Africa at age 15. He has worked as a chef at Vancouver’s Four Seasons Hotel and at the U.S. Consulate General. He is a long time gardener, passionate about local agriculture and environmental sustainability. He loves to work with elementary school students about gardening and food preparation.
Welcome to our visiting Rotarians and friends, Michael Chiu, Rod Belleza and Jim Ling from Richmond Sunset. Friends from Jim Ling: Lianqiang Guo, Rui Guo, Ruen Shao and Teresa Luan from Beijing New Building Materials Co. Canada Office; Professor Guishan Li from Tianjin University of Technology and Connie Louie from Globally CMc.