Posted on Apr 05, 2018
Very nice to hear West Vancouver Sunrise Rotarian Christopher Loat talked about ShelterBox and Shelter Kit today.  Our member Juan gave thanks for a most illuminating presentation, describing that 85 million sufferers of devastation and disaster, is 40 times the population of Vancouver.  Stated in that context really drove home the message, how ShelterBox is addressing these needs, and how much work is yet to be done.
Christopher explained with slides, where needs were greatest during floods, earthquakes, other natural disasters and in areas where conflict exists and whole cities are turned to rubble.  ShelterBox was born from Rotarian Tom Henderson in England, punctuating again, how one person, and one person's idea and passion, can turn into enormous good.
Sgt. At Arms James Kao circled the room gathering many, many happy dollars.  Welcome our visiting guests, Paul Hatch from Marpole Chiropractic Clinic, Philip Sung, guest of Becky, Scott Campbell from Steveston Club and Matt Gul from West Vancouver Sunrise.