Kevin Evans, former anchor CBC TV News, presented a deep and though provoking outlook on the state of current journalism.  Is the six o’clock news steered by the wants of the advertisers, rather than the needs of the viewer?  Are journalists and media companies reporting objectively and factually?  Is there any balance to offset sensational and negative spins on newscasts?
 “A very good presentation on communication and news broadcasting, Kevin shared with us his experience in news broadcasting and the its influence on the stakeholders and the community. He educated us on our responsibilities as viewers/ audience and how we can exercise our rights to endorse our news sources. It was a very insightful, informative and inspirational message, I like the positive spin of the optimistic video at the end. I hope we are able to get more speakers like him” - Past President Henry Lee
“Kevin's presentation of today's media catering to advertisers was right on the spot, and he illustrated it superbly.  His call to the public to demand more of the media does sound ideal.  I agree with him that giving control to the government is a slippery and dangerous slope"- Antonio Lee
In Financial Management, the government sets minimal guidelines for training, knowledge and fiduciary responsibilities (KYC- Know Your Client) and Self-Regulated organism are given the responsibility of enforcing it.  Any individual that does not comply would have their license revoked, and would no longer be able to continue in this line of work.  It’s a constant reminder every year that we need to keep ourselves knowledgeable in our field, and aware of our clients' goals.  Annual requirements always involve an ethics reminder.
It would be an interesting discussion to require reporters to be licensed before they can have the privilege of informing the public.  It would be fascinating to have a conversation with Kevin on the subject. 
If you are reading this piece from another Rotary Club, we would highly recommend Kevin Evans as a speaker. Kevin is acting President of North Vancouver Rotary Club.