President Suna Yee and Past President James Kao receive recognition.
On Wednesday, August 11th 2021, Member of Parliament for Steveston Richmond East, Kenny Chiu attended Richmond Rotary's weekly lunch to present a certificate of achievement to our President and Past President.
The certificates were in recognition of the diligent work done during Covid to keep our organization running smoothly, and to also provide much needed support to Richmondites struggling during Covid. Richmond Rotary supplied masks, hand sanitizer, gift cards and raised money in general for Richmondites. Seniors, low-income people, and youth all benefited from our fundraisers, events and donations. 
Under the guidance of Suna and James Kao, Rotary found way to not only continue operating in a safe manner during Covid, but even thrive and expand our membership! 
During Covid, Richmond Rotary adapted to a virtual, then hybrid model, allowing us to expand our membership to new people. A growing Richmond Rotary allows us to better serve the people of Richmond.