Masking, basking and repasting. Rotary is more than service. Rotary is also about warm memories. After 6 months not meeting in person, we finally ventured into Garry Point Park for a socially distanced lunch.

To say it was nice to see our Rotary friends is an understatement. It’s been 6 months of online Zoom chats. Zoom doesn’t allow us any real bonding time. We can’t break off into small groups to really catch up. We don’t realize just how much we miss our social connections. Rotary gives us that weekly opportunity for a nice chin wag.

After 6 months, we can say we truly count this day as a wonderful Rotary memory. And as we learned of the passing of Angie’s father, it punctuates that each and every moment we can visit each other is truly valuable.

Picture 17 of us basking under warm welcoming sunlight, socially distanced and all masked up. That's a visual to etch into your memory. A bit of lunch arranged by Claudette, and the picture is complete. Thanks to Dave and Angie and President James for the arrangements. Great to see our friends Gilles and Lois Bouchard dropped by to say hi.

May be the photos does not show we are smiling, but we are all grinning, ear to ear.