How can one summarize 2019-2020, the year Henry Lee is President of the Rotary Club of Richmond?  Things seemed to rolling out quite nicely with two concerts in the fall and a Christmas Dinner before something called Covid-19 erupted to impact the entire globe.  Although only January and before any significant numbers of cases showed up in Canada, people were already too wary and cautious, which reduced our Lunar New Year attendance.  Thereafter, our lunch venue closed and our Club took the precaution of meeting online via Zoom.
Kudos to President Henry for rallying around the new technology and organizing us to maintain weekly Rotary connection.  Rotary service had to change direction.  Our club could not carry out the Table Tennis fundraiser for outdoor table tennis tables.  Instead, Henry and the club focused energies on supporting the efforts to assist others to cope with Covid 19 pandemic.
Whilst all this sounds gloomy and negative, Henry and the club did accomplish several important goals.  End Polio received $5,000.  The Rotary Foundation Share Fund received $2,000.  The Boys and Girls Club and St. John’s Ambulance will receive $8,000 each from our Lunar New Year Dinner.  Over 14,400 non-medical masks were acquired and distributed to various organizations and seniors facilities in Lower Mainland.  N95 masks were acquired and distributed in Wuhan, China.  The Christmas Fund received $2,500 for needy Richmond families.
The Rotary Club of Richmond continued to take action in spite of the enormous challenge. President Henry had to rally the club from meeting in person to meeting online. Thank you Henry for guiding the club through these challenging times and abrupt hurdles.