Past District Governor Garry Shearer presented his favourite topic....Our Foundation, The Rotary Foundation.  He explained how the Foundation started and where it is today.  He shared how monies collected today come back as matching grants in 3 years time, half for District Clubs and half for Global Grants to all clubs.  Think of the TRF as a wallet full of money, there, ready to use by clubs for local and international projects.  He urged support of our Foundation, as part of one's annual giving.  He also urged our club to make use of the matching funds for one or more of our projects.
Among today's audience, was visitor Lu Lu, who is one of the main partners of the recent Thousand Hands Show.  Someone pointed out how coincidental his name is to our own member Lulu and the island upon which Richmond sits.....Lulu Island.  Dean provided a rousing introduction.  Mr. Lu brought with him, an expensive box of cigars which he is wishing to donate to the The Rotary Foundation Dinner on Nov 18th.