Our Speaker last Wednesday was Dr. Weidong Yu, a famed specialist of Retinitis Pigmentosa.
Digital Life style requires our eyes to read. During Pandemic lock down, we stayed home and with more time to read computer and devices, giving our eyes extra 30% burden.
After the lock down, dry eyes, eye pain, eye fatigue and reduced vision becomes secondary Pandemic issues. Surveys show that more patients with Dry Eye Syndrome (DES). To rehydrate the eyes, we are applying artificial eye drops which only gives temporary relief and causes vulnerability to infections and other eye problems.
The perspective of Chinese Medicine of Eye Health is related to the function of our liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney. Instead of eye drops and surgery, we look further into these organs to see where there is unbalance and disorder and try to regain our vision and repair the dry eyes.
Our eye health is also related to our lifestyle factors: emotions, reading, working, environment, sleeping, nutrition and exercise. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Theory for dry eyes is Traditional Chinese medicine, diet and nutrition, less eye use and more rest.  
After his research, Dr. Yu came up with supplements to provide nutrients and to treat dry eyes and eye disease from the inside out.  For further detail, check out his website…