Posted on Aug 11, 2019
Remember your induction day?  Warm friendly welcome from the Club President and the club members.   There were a lot of people in the room to add to an exciting day. Today, Tom Smith Membership Chair of Rotary District 5040, presided over the ceremony to induct Christina Chang and Robert Lu. Thank you Daphne for sponsoring them. 
Here is an opportunity to add more impact to the good things that Rotarians make happen.  Christina Chang and Robert Lu bring new ideas, and their passion for giving back.  As our club grows, so does our potential for the breadth and scope of our projects.
The Rotary Club of Richmond, chartered in 1962, has a rich history of local and international service.  With Christina and Robert, we are optimistic to build more on the club's legacy and to continue “To Make Good Things Happen”.
We heard very heart warming messages from Christina - ”I want to devote the rest of my life to charity career, Rotary’s spirit, is mutual love and sharing, I realized I don’t need to do it alone, I can be part of it. That’s the reason why I join this club”. From Robert – “After retirement, I hope to enjoy more traveling, photography, exploring nature, I also wish to contribute more to the community, in so doing, I hope to set a good example for my children. That is why I join Rotary.
Our visitors today were our Dear old friend Wilbur Walrond; Lucy Ma, Rotarian from Rotary Club of Beijing, she is looking to join Rotary Club here and Sherry Sun, General Manager of Canada CYTS Travel Services, she is looking for opportunity to give back to community. We hope to see their return soon.