District 5040 Governor, Bala Naidoo paid his official visit to meet club members and to bring his greetings.  He reminded us to attend the District Conference next spring to network with other Rotarians and discover more value in being a member of a Rotary Club.  Bala message referred to counting our service time is becoming more of an important aspect for Rotary.  In doing so, we are able to promote how collectively, 1.2 million Rotarians can impact their local and international communities.  Collaborating with other Rotary Clubs has much merit and he congratulated our Rotary Clubs in Richmond for working together on our projects.  DG Bala acknowledged incoming Assistant Governor Dean Hsieh and District Treasurer Jacqueline Ho.  Our Rotary Club of Richmond is once again proudly involved with District Leadership.
Today was also an auspicious occasion as we welcomed two new members to the Rotary Club of Richmond.   Angelo Boholst is the Executive Director of the Hospice House, and Dave Rogers transferring from another Rotary Club.  Very nice to greet our two newest members, who join August inductees Christina and Robert.
We also celebrated three September birthdays, David Takahashi, Jacqueline Ho and Dean Hsieh.  Thanks to Secretary Hugo for bringing the delicious cake and to Sgt at Arms Cindy for collecting many happy and sad dollars today.  Many happy dollars collected as we celebrated two new members and acknowledging our visitors.  But we also paused for a moment as we were saddened by the news of the passing of Honorary Member Helge Neilsen, a Past President and long time Rotarian.
Our visitors today, included DG Bala Naidoo, Assistant Governor Wayne Connorton, Cecilia Li and Nancy Yurkovich representing Honorary Member Tony.  Late arrivals Becky and Eva, missed lunch and the programme, but it was really nice to see Eva who is recovering from her stroke.  We certainly wish her well, and a speedy return to her friends at Rotary.