The first ever in our 58 year's club history that we inducted a member virtually. Vivian Wu was inducted by District Membership Chair Tom Smith on our Wednesday Zoom meeting. 
Ceremony started with National Anthem, followed by Rotary People of Action video
Tom Smith talked about why Vivian wants to join Rotary, people have different reasons to join Rotary, Vivian's reason is loud and clear... "I want to join Rotary so I can continue contributing to the community same as I did in Taiwan. I look forward to join Rotary to enhance my knowledge, networking, charity activities, friendship and community involvement. I must say that helping each other makes me happy and that's the spirit of Rotary".
Here comes the impressive part, Tom asked Vivian to hold out her hand, with the members cheering on, a video showing dropping a Rotary pin into the hand of Vivian. Now its official! Congratulations Vivian, now you are part of the Rotary Club of Richmond family.
Thank you Jacqueline for getting the badge ready and PE James Kao for dropping off the badge before the meeting. The combined effort made this more fun. President Henry asked all to dress up for the occasion, Kudos to Dave Rogers the only one that dressed in a suit and tie! 
Note: We are still contributing Happy and Sad dollars, everyone has a chance to talk, $5 for under 1 minute and $10 for 2, as always PP James is a big contributor.