You can do this too.
Take an idea, add a little effort and do something good for others, something big.
The Rotarian Magazine shows names of people taking ideas and producing wonderful deeds big and small.
Our own PDG Bob Blacker, grasped such an idea, to provide books to indigenous groups across BC. Former Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, the Honourable Steven Point brought up the topic of books for BC. From one casual conversation, The WRITE TO READ PROJECT was formed and since then, 20 Literacy Centres have been spread all over the province.  
There are plans for more.  Each Centre not only provides library services, these services are available to preserve native word and culture. Each Centre provides employment for local people. Children, and adults too, now can enjoy warm, comfortable and positive settings for knowledge and growth.
Hey, it was a Rotarian who carried the ball and organized 20 Literacy Centres (so far). Grasp your idea and run with it.